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CT series of oil - cooled ultra - strong electromagnetic dry iron removal
CT series of oil - cooled ultra - strong electromagnetic dry iron removal

CT series of dry electromagnetic powder separator


With the domestic and foreign materials on the field of powder material purity indicators continue to improve the powder material of iron per chemical treatment of these industries to be resolved. Due to the particularity of the powder material, many iron removal equipment in the iron effect has been unsatisfactory, and clean up the trouble, can not meet the requirements of enterprises. My company after years of exploration and research, learn from foreign advanced technology on the basis of the end of domestic enterprises on the use of iron equipment requirements, the successful development of the CT series of dry electromagnetic powder separator. The machine is unique in design, magnetic field strength up to 30000GS, strong suction, strong grasping force, not only the powder processing process can be mixed with the mechanical iron in addition to the net, and the general iron removal equipment is difficult to remove the ore iron oxide (Fe203) also Able to remove most of the iron effect is excellent. The machine is easy to iron, only about 10 seconds to complete the cable; the machine can be used alone, but also more than white or parallel use of units in order to further improve the iron removal effect, improve the processing capacity of the purpose The For want to improve the quality of products, the grade of the enterprise, the machine is preferred.

Performance characteristics and uses:

L design alone, working cavity magnetic field strength up to 30000GS, iron effect is excellent.

2 clear iron convenient, just about ten seconds to complete a row of iron;

3 use of forced oil circulating water cooling, cooling effect is ideal;

4 work in the process of vibration in a state, effectively prevent the blocking material;

S with real-time temperature monitoring and automatic control function, when the oil temperature to get the set value, the system will automatically alarm until the shutdown, which effectively avoid the coil due to high temperature rise and burned.

5 automatic PLC program control, automatic completion of excitation, feeding, iron and other all the action, without manual operation, reduce operating costs, effectively avoid the impact of iron effect of human factors.

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