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Company Products
Mixing fertilizer equipment
Mixing fertilizer equipment

Mixed fertilizer equipment product features:

1, accurate weighing, static weighing or dynamic weighing BB fertilizer equipment formula is accurate, the company's ingredients system using the world's most advanced batching instruments and import sensors

2, stir evenly to solve the biggest concerns of customers

3, the packaging accuracy within one thousandth of a single bag ingredients and ground ingredients two automatic BB fertilizer special equipment and computer ingredients BB fertilizer production line, in full compliance with the "mixed fertilizer standard rules" and "national latest BB fertilizer standard"

4, tailor-made plant and equipment through-train service designed according to customer demand, tailored, and the standard models have 3 to 5 tons per hour, 5 to 10 tons, 10 to 15 tons, 15 to 25 tons, 25 to 40 tons , 40 to 60 tons, 60 to 80 tons, to meet the needs of the market a variety of customers.

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