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Silo weighing system
Silo weighing system

Weighing system is mainly composed of weighing warehouse, weighing sensor, weighing instrument and calibration weight. As shown in Figure 1.

The load cell is evenly mounted on the lower part of the weighing bin and directly supports the weighing position. The sensor changes with the weight of the material in the warehouse, and outputs the signal proportional to the weight of the material in the weighing warehouse. Here is the use of HBM load cell. This sensor mounting structure, consisting of a double-ended load cell and a parallel double suspension assembly, is uniquely designed with self-correcting and improves the weighing accuracy of the weighing system.

The weighing instrument is installed in the control room control box. Weighing instrument for the load cell to provide excitation voltage (DC 10 V), receiving the load cell signal, after amplification, conversion and other processing will be weighing the contents of the weighing warehouse to the screen, while the output of digital (switch Quantity) or analog signal sent to the PLC, by the PLC control buffer storage gate and weighing warehouse unloading gate opening and closing. Calibration weights are placed symmetrically on both sides of the weighing bin. It is through the national standard identification, the weight of the standard weight measuring equipment; usually with the weighing warehouse is separated, if necessary through a lifting device to connect with the weighing warehouse after the upgrade, its weight added to the weighing warehouse, Used to carry out the initial calibration of the weighing system and routine identification.

For the industrial site weighing warehouse pressure and material level for continuous detection, dynamic display and real-time control of the warehouse weight weighing control system, can be combined with the control pre-feeder to achieve quantitative feed, stable position the goal of.

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