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Electromagnetic vibration feeder
Electromagnetic vibration feeder

The main purpose

Electromagnetic vibration feeder is a new type of feeding equipment, which compared with other feeding equipment has the following characteristics:

(1) small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts do not need lubrication, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

(2) electromagnetic vibration feeder due to the use of mechanical dynamics of the resonance principle, double straight in the low critical near-resonance state of work, and thus less power consumption.

(3) Due to the instantaneous change and opening and closing of the material, so the feed volume has a higher accuracy.

(4) This series of vibration control equipment using a SCR half-wave rectifier line, so the use of the process can be adjusted by adjusting the SCR open angle approach to easily stepless

To adjust the amount of feed, and can achieve the production process of centralized control and automatic control.

(5) Since the material in the trough is continuously thrown during the feeding process and the trajectory of the parabola moves forward, the wear of the trough is small.

(6) This series of vibration machine does not apply to the requirements of explosion-proof occasions.

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