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Scales for Scales
Scales for Scales

Spiral scale dosing scale with advanced performance, novel structure, good sealing, conveying capacity, easy maintenance and so on. Widely used in building materials, electricity, chemicals, metallurgy, food and other industries. Can transport cement, coal, cement raw materials, ash, food and other materials.
CT-type screw feeder main technical parameters:

Model parameters Spiral Diameter (mm) Gear motor (kw) Production capacity (m3 / h)
CT200 200 BWY18-59-2.2 5
CT200 200 BWY18-35-2.2 10
CT300 300 BWY18-43-2.2 20
CT300 300 BWY22-29-2.2 40
CT400 400 BWY22-29-3.0 80
CT450 450 BWY22-23-4.0 120

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