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Company Products
RCYD Suspension Type Permanent Magnet Separator
RCYD Suspension Type Permanent Magnet Separator

Applicable scope

The machine and a variety of belt conveyor, vibration conveyor and other supporting the use of materials can be used to automatically absorb 0.1-50kg of ferromagnetic material. Widely used in cement, thermal power, metallurgy, mining, chemical, glass, paper, coal and other industries.

Technical characteristics

◆ magnetic circuit using computer simulation design, improve the dual-pole structure, high magnetic field strength, gradient, suction large.

◆ high-performance NdFeB as a magnetic source, magnetic energy product is high, easy to demagnetization, eight years demagnetization does not exceed 5%.

◆ drum drum structure, with automatic correction function, fully sealed bearing, good sealing, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

◆ belt automatic unloading iron, can guarantee long-term trouble-free continuous operation.

◆ control part can be linked with the belt machine to achieve local manual control and centralized control in two ways

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