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Solid flowmeter
Solid flowmeter

Uses and parameters:

Used to determine the flow of free flow of bulk material, especially for the material process seal, space constraints or due to temperature reasons other similar products can not adapt to the occasion. The weighing system with the chute of the converter is used to obtain the flow rate by using the recoil force. The material is in a flat state through the guide groove to avoid vibration. The material in the weighing chute will be accelerated in the direction of the radiation So that the load sensor to obtain the impact force.

Weighing accuracy: within ± 20% of the range of ± 1%

Ability: DLD / DLM2.5 40m / h ~ 120m / h

DLD / DLM5.O 80m / h to 300m / h

DLD / DLM6.5 200m / h ~ 600m / h

Material size: ≤ 30mm

Temperature: ≤ 100 ℃

Moisture: ≤1%

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