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RCGZ pipe type self-unloading iron
RCGZ pipe type self-unloading iron

Mainly used in the cement industry: the election of powder after the powder grinding and clinker before grinding into the grinding before the fine powder in addition to iron, to prevent the accumulation of iron particles in the mill, thereby improving the production efficiency of the mill and cement Specific surface area; cement filling process before the iron, can be mixed in the cement iron impurities in the automatic selection, emissions, protection and production of stable operation.

Technical characteristics

◆ This device is divided into iron magnetic separation using high temperature, high remanence of NdFeB as a magnetic source, magnetic field strength, iron effect is good.

◆ iron separation drive transmission mechanism with double precision roller chain traction, with smooth operation, reliable, small fault, etc., easy maintenance.

◆ The equipment structure design is reasonable, compact, easy to install, in series at an angle of 50 ° -70 °, material delivery pipeline.

◆ iron in the process of continuous, after the start of the device without care.

◆ pipe wall with a special wear-resistant materials, long service life.

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