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About UsLinqu Changtai Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. long-term commitment to cement, building materials, chemicals, power generation, metallurgy, mining, steel, coal, ports and other areas of dynamic weighing, the control of various materials, electromagnetic permanent magnet to improve product grade The We are fully aware of any customer needs and intentions, and create a number of innovative methods, in accordance with the technical advantages in this field and high quality standards, to provide customers with a variety of weighing equipment and technical services. The company's main products: dynamic weighing ingredients instrumentation, import weighing weighing instrument, design and development of PLC control and DCS control system, electronic belt scale, quantitative feeder, weightless feeder, punch plate flowmeter, spiral scale, powder Body weighing, weighing, mixing mixer, electromagnetic permanent magnet separator. The following are the same as the " Company purpose: to customer satisfaction as the center, to strengthen the awareness of each employee's service, from the user's design ideas and product selection to start, optimize the system to help users implement cost control, the real value for customers to listen to every customer The needs of the heart, meticulous and reasonable to do every thing, so that products, character - good quality of consistency, absorb the latest international, the best technology, better service to the majority of users....
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