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Electronic belt batching scales
Electronic belt batching scales

Electronic belt batching scale load-bearing device of the weighing frame structure is mainly double lever multi-roller, single roller, cantilevered and suspended 4 kinds. Double lever multi-roller and floating scale frame of the electronic belt scale measurement section is longer, generally 2 to 8 sets of rollers, measurement accuracy is high, suitable for large flow, measurement accuracy requirements of high places. The belt speed of the electronic belt scale of the single roller and the cantilever scale can be determined by the manufacturer and is suitable for the place where the flow is small or where the flow control is used.
Weighing display mainly digital display and Chinese characters show two, Chinese characters display for the digital display upgrade products.
Weighing display has cumulative and instantaneous flow display, with automatic zero, semi-automatic zero, self-test failure, digital calibration, flow control, printing and other functions.
Chinese characters display in addition to the speed can be displayed. Chinese characters display in the operation of a functional display, can better help the use of personnel operations.
Electronic belt scale, by the scale frame, speed sensor, high-precision weight sensor, electronic belt scale control display instrument and other components, can be continuous dynamic measurement of solid materials.
The electronic belt scale weighs the bridge mounted on the conveyor frame. When the material passes, the metering roller detects the weight of the material on the belt machine and acts on the load cell through the lever to produce a voltage signal proportional to the belt load. The speed sensor is connected directly to a large diameter drum to provide a series of pulses, each representing a belt motion unit, the frequency of which is proportional to the belt speed. The weighing instrument receives signals from the load cell and the speed sensor, and obtains an instantaneous flow rate and cumulative weight value by the integral operation and displays them separately.

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